Nvidia GeForce Now Database Reveals God of War for PC, Gears 6, and More

Nvidia GeForce Now Database Reveals God of War for PC, Gears 6, and More

Tech Highlights:

  • It included a list of titles, compiled by SteamDB founder Pavel Djundik, featuring unannounced games like Final Fantasy IX Remake, Bioshock RTX Remaster, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Halo 5 PC, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remasters, Crysis 4, Half-Life 2 Remastered, Injustice 3 and more.

  • An Nvidia GeForce Now datamine has potentially uncovered listings for many unannounced games, including a Steam version of God of War and Gears 6.

While much of the list could be made up of placeholder titles and titles that may not actually see the light of day (a popular GameCube emulator is listed, for example), VGC first reported last year that the Resident Evil 4 remake has been in development since 2018, while VGC’s sources have also corroborated reports that GTA remasters are in development.

It also claims that GeForce Now has played a prominent role in game development throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing remote access in work-from-home environments, which could explain why work-in-progress titles would be listed on the service.

According to Windows Central, many of the Microsoft code names mentioned on the Nvidia database are related to actual projects, some of which have already been announced as real games such as Playground’s Fable reboot.

Unlike most of the titles on the list, God of War is specifically listed for release on Steam. PS5 games Returnal and Demon’s Souls are also on the list, for example, but unlike God of War they are not attributed to a distribution platform.

A PC version of God of War would seem like one of the safer bets, with Sony having recently acquired Nixxes Software to help it bring its games to PC.

The publisher released Horizon Zero Dawn for PC in August 2020 and Days Gone for PC in May 2021. It also announced last week that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and its expansion Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are getting PS5 and PC remasters, and unveiled God of War’s sequel, God of War Ragnarok.

Speaking in June, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst said Horizon had been “very successful” on PC. “I think it shows there’s an appetite from gamers outside the PlayStation ecosystem to experience the amazing portfolio of games that PlayStation fans have enjoyed for years.

“But I want to emphasize that PlayStation will remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch. But we do value PC gamers, and we’ll continue to look at the right times to launch each game.”

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