Now you can pair your favorite wireless earbuds with your radio using the Air Pro Wireless PTT Combo Kit

Now you can pair your favorite wireless earbuds with your radio using the Air Pro Wireless PTT Combo Kit

Tech Highlights:

  • Blend In, go undercover and experience the freedom and comfort that true wireless brings.

  • EPC’s newAir Pro Wireless Motorola APX Combo Kitis now compatible with all your favourite TWS Wireless Earbuds* like Apple Airpods™, Beats by Dre™ & AfterShokz™ toname a few.

The Air Pro Wireless Combo Kit includes EPC’s Multi-Functional Bluetooth Adapter (or compatible Motorola or Harris radio adapter) and the Bluetooth Remote PTT.

The Motorola APX or Harris Multi-Functional Adapter delivers dual connection (wired or wireless), allowing you to pair Bluetooth microphones or wired units.

Simply pair the Bluetooth Remote PTT to activate your Wireless Earbuds with your finger remotely. Perfect for undercover operations! Mount to a handle-bar, weapon or attach to your finger to key up remotely. *Wireless Earbuds are not included. View a video demonstrating the Air Pro Wireless Kit here.

Connect via Bluetooth with your favorite Wireless Earbuds.

Connect via Bluetooth with cutting edge accessories like the Interceptor Bluetooth Speaker Microphone or Nighthawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone.

Connect wired microphones like the Hawk EC Lapel Microphone using the exclusive Easy-Connect system.

With true dual connection (wired or wireless), the user is always prepared. Click here for a brief video outlining all of the benefits and features. Another key feature that ensures reliable communications is the “Bump-Free” PTT/Pairing Button. With many manufacturer’s adapters, there is an issue with inadvertently keying the radio up unintentionally. With EPC’s new design, the button is flushed so that your PTT button is only activated when you intend to do so. This ensures both efficiency and safety.

The Air Pro Wireless Combo Kitis compatible with Harris models P5300, P5400, P5400, P5500, P7300, XG-15, XG-25, XG-75, XG-100, XL-185 and XL200P, all Motorola APX Series models, Motorola XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR7550, & XPR7550e radio models, as well as Motorola XTS series radios. The new combo kit is available for purchase now, click here to learn more. The adapter can be purchased a la carte or in combination with one of EPC’s Bluetooth Microphone kits. Also available for 2-Pin Motorola and Kenwood radios. Visit to learn more about The Earphone Connection and all of the two-way radio accessories that they have to offer.

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