Now there are allegations that “The Day Before” has plagiarized “Call of Duty” and “The Last of Us”.

News Summary:

  • A gameplay reveal trailer for The Day Before was supposed to be released in January, according to a prior statement from Fntastic. However, because Fntastic neglected to register the game’s name as a trademark, developers delayed both the game’s release and the trailer’s premiere.

  • The Day Before is currently under fire for allegedly plagiarizing games like Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and Tom Clancy’s The Division following a turbulent start to 2023.

The Day Before was originally scheduled for release on March 1 but Fntastic delayed it to November 10 in order to give the studio more time to resolve the situation.

The 10-minute video, which was marketed as “raw gameplay footage,” showed a player running down a street, exploring an abandoned house, messing around with their inventory, and opening some cabinets. The zombies are eventually shot, but as one fan observed, “For a game that was previously meant to come out this month, this sure is a…unique gameplay reveal.”

Even though fans weren’t impressed, they nevertheless went ahead and released the trailer.

Another user praised it as the “best jogging simulator I’ve ever seen.”

Following the release of the trailer, the YouTube channel Force Gaming shared a number of images highlighting the similarities between the zombies mode trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and The Day Before’s trailer.

According to Force Gaming, “The Day Before is the epitome of ‘Can I copy your homework?’” “What are the first four scenes in their recent 10-minute gameplay video? identical (in terms of composition and framing) shot for shot to the CoD Black Ops Zombies Trailer.

The Day Before’s logo and The Last Of Us’ logo share similarities, and one of their most popular screenshots “looks awfully familiar to one from The Division,” continued Force Gaming.