Now it’s much easier to buy the world’s first Android Auto Adapter

Now it's much easier to buy the world's first Android Auto Adapter

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  • This is the reason Android Auto dongles are becoming more and more popular these days. By simply plugging the adapter into the USB port of an Android Auto-compatible head unit, the wired version of the app is converted into wireless, all as part of a plug-and-play experience. AWireless is the device that started it all, as it was the first Android Auto adapter to allow the instant conversion from wired to wireless. The success of AAWireless has been impressive, to say the least, and this isn’t even surprising given the concept it gave birth to.

  • Many folks are considering switching from wired to wireless Android Auto for quite obvious reasons. Android Auto AAWireless dongle Android Auto AAWireless dongle Android Auto AAWireless dongle Android Auto AAWireless dongle Android Auto AAWireless dongle Since wires are notorious for being the source of many app-related issues, the added convenience provided by their elimination makes using Android Auto not only simpler but also more stable and trustworthy.

Originally available on Indiegogo exclusively, AAWireless recently went live in its own online store as well. And now, getting the world’s first Android Auto adapter is even easier, as the device made its way to Amazon earlier this week. Carrying the same price tag as on Indiegogo and its dedicated store, the $89 Android Auto dongle is available on Amazon only for customers in the United States. But it’s only a matter of time until the availability is expanded, so expect AAWireless to be live on the international versions of Amazon sooner rather than later.

Needless to say, AAWireless isn’t the only Android Auto dongle that you can buy today, though it’s still one of the best. The Google-backed device is Motorola’s MA1, which was announced at the search giant’s developer conference earlier this month and which can also be had for $89. The demand for MA1 has also been surprising so far, so it’s no wonder that several other companies are also exploring this niche with their own products.

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