Nintendo Switch Online SNES games are now a total of 107 with these new versions

New SNES games revealed for Switch Online from Nintendo

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  • Nintendo Switch Online: SNES Games of July 2021
    Nintendo has announced this initially on their YouTube channel, and here the company revealed three title teasers that would be intended for the online service. This is intended for the Switch Online service that Nintendo has available for all gamers, provided that they sign-up for its membership.

  • The games would come by next Wednesday, July 28, and people who are members of Nintendo Switch Online’s community would be able to access these for free. The last addition of the SNES and NES games was last May, where its library has expanded to over a hundred titles.

The three titles include classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) titles including “Claymate,” “Jelly Boy,” and Bombuzal.” According to Business Newswire via Nintendo, gamers would have the chance to play these three titles, alongside “PAC-MAN 99,” the battle royale game of the “PAC-MAN” series.


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This platform, jump and run title offers a new perspective on the genre, as it gives one the role of “Clayton,” the son of Professor Putty. The game focuses on surviving and getting through obstacles on one’s path with different skills and maneuvers to get past the different levels.

The end goal is to deliver a serum that can turn animals into clay, and protect it until the end.

‘Jelly Boy’

This 1995 European platform game has been an “unsung hero,” with the title being exclusively released in the EU region. The story focuses on a candy given light by the “spark of lightning,” and wants to fulfill its destiny outside the candy factory. The platforming game offers a variety of twists and turns, all in the candy fantasy land of “Jelly Boy.”

‘Bombuzal’ The game is a “puzzle game,” and is the only title that does not feature a platform game in July 2021’s releases. Here, it focuses on triggering a bomb and finding a safe place for the user to hide on. Players need to detonate the bomb and survive its explosions, among other things.

Is Switch Online a Subscription?
Switch Online is Nintendo’s subscription service which offers different titles to play for every month and several add-ons like the SNES and NES titles. The Japanese gaming company offers its service for $19.99 on a single-purchase code pack, containing 12-months of subscription for the user.

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