Nintendo Gigaleak reveals early Wii remote control concepts

Nintendo Gigaleak reveals early Wii remote control concepts

Points Highlighted:

  • The image that was shared by @forestillusion on Twitter–who is known online as a Nintendo historian–shows five different Wii Remote images. The first concept looks very close to the final Nintendo Wii product. What is missing is the speaker (which is the case on all of the images) and the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons are simply ‘X’ and ‘Y’ buttons instead. Additionally, the power button on the top left is a rectangle, instead of a circle.

  • The Nintendo Wii is one of the most successful consoles ever. A huge part of the success involved the family-focused design of the Wii, which went through many iterations. The controller itself is perhaps the biggest place in which players see the focus of the console’s design, with the simplistic button layout and easy-to-use motion controls. With this most recent leak, fans can see perhaps one of the earliest looks at the Wii Remote’s concepts.

The next two Wii Remotes look similar to the first, however, there are additional ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons that wrap around the ‘B’ button in the middle, which seem to overcomplicate things which could be why Nintendo scrapped it. Additionally, the third option is a bit larger than all of the others and it has a small square button on the top right corner as well. The final two options very much changed things up. Instead of having the D-Pad on the top of the controller, it was placed on the bottom, the ‘A’ button was placed on the face of the controller and a ‘C’ button was placed on the back, and an iPod Touch-esque circle pad of sorts surrounded the ‘A’ button.

Just like Nintendo spent years working on the Wii design, Nintendo may be working on its next-gen console right now. There are countless logo designs, controller ideas, console concepts, and more that the team goes through before fans get to see the final product. It is very interesting to jump into a time machine and see just a piece of what that process looks like, as with the Wii.

According to recent info, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo had been working on the Wii conceptualizing for years before its release. It is likely that Nintendo bounced many ideas around before falling on the final layout. Anything other than the popular final product looks a bit silly, but that is partially because it is what fans are used to seeing.

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