Nicholas’ remains begin to affect Mobile | news

Nicholas' remains begin to affect Mobile |  news

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  • “I really would like for people to slow down. You see how wet the road is. It’s not good to drive as fast.”

  • Less than three miles away, water began to cover parts of Clubhouse Road. Some taking it slow. Others rushing through the standing water. It’s something that concerned drivers in the area.

Meanwhile in Midtown. Glenwood Street is covered in water as well. The high water and steady rain causing some concern for business owners in the area.

Mandi Cameron is also a Midtown resident and knows firsthand what all this rain means.

“Of course rain greatly affects how many people come,” said Cameron. “Luckily we are under a covered area so we tend to do better than some others who are doing similar things when they’re outside but we will be open rain or shine as always.”

“I am concerned the streets are going to be even more flooded and I’m especially concerned that I’m going to see that MAWSS sewage overflow sign on my street again,” said Cameron.

While this is the beginning of a several-day rain event, everyone is hoping this is the last of the rain for a while.

“I just feel like this is summer’s last gasp,” said Cameron. “These hurricanes. These storms. They’re almost over and then we can really get into fall.”

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