New Need for Speed delayed to focus on next Battlefield

New Need for Speed ​​is delayed to focus on the next battlefield

A removed Criterion Games from its current Need for Speed ​​project to help EA DICE develop its next Battlefield game.

This game, which currently has no title, is expected to be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this fall. According to a new report, DICE needed additional help preparing the game for this release from Polygon. However, EA insists that Criterion Games will develop the Need for Speed ​​title again in 2022.

“Without this involvement, we could never have made such a decision [Criterion] and to discuss this with them first and the implications that they might have [Battlefield]”Said Miele.” You worked on it [Star Wars] Battlefront, you worked on Battlefields and you work very closely with DICE. I am very confident that this will be a positive win for them. “

Regarding the Need for Speed ​​franchise, Miele told Polygon that Criterion owns the Need for Speed ​​franchise, which is why they managed the most recent remaster of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and why the studio is responsible for the next project in the series is.

She also insisted that the Need for Speed ​​series will not be removed in any form from Criterion and that the studio will return to its development next year, where the team will work on bringing the game to current and previous generations of PlayStation and Xbox hardware to start .

Last June it was announced that Criterion Games, the studio behind the Burnout series, was taking over the helm of the Need for Speed ​​franchise from Ghost Games. While you wait for the next Need for Speed, read this story about EA’s $ 1.2 billion acquisition of racing game developer Codemasters, and then read how Codemasters continued to be an “independent group” after this acquisition. should stay.

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