Netflix suffers from Apple’s privacy changes

Netflix suffers from Apple's privacy changes

Tech Highlights:

  • Screenshot 2022 04 25 at 11 47 06 AM. v6.19.0 also adds full support for Camera to Cloud (C2C) to the Cinematographer Kit*, making FiLMiC Pro the very first mobile cinema camera app to become a C2C-certified device. *Cinematographer Kit is an optional in-app purchase. Camera to Cloud is available on iPhone 11 and newer.

  • FiLMiC PRO announced v6.19 at NAB 20222. If you buy the extra CineKit in version 619, it enables ProRes LogV3+ and allows iPhone users to shoot 10-bit ProRes LOG. To better aid workflows where colour grading is a major component, the CineKit (optional in-app purchase) now supports Flat+ & Log V3+ gamma curves.

Camera to Cloud by is the fastest and easiest way to get footage from your camera to collaborators anywhere in the world. Once logged in to your account in FiLMiC Pro, after each recording you can generate a low-bandwidth proxy version of your clip and have it uploaded to the cloud. From there it becomes instantly available to your collaborators, wherever in the world they happen to be. Upload Queue. Under the Library you can tap the icon to view all clips in your upload queue. When in the queue, you can pause/resume uploads; prioritize a selected clip and send it to the top of the queue; and remove clips from the queue if you no longer wish to upload them. You can also add clips to the queue from the library at any point (ideal if waiting until the end of a shoot day to upload to C2C). Just select a clip that doesn’t already have a proxy in the library; and tap the + icon to generate a proxy and add it to the queue.

Now when you end a recording your clips will be automatically down-sampled and added to the upload queue (Auto), or you will be prompted to create a proxy or skip adding your clip to the upload queue (Prompt). All proxies use the signature purple color in your FiLMiC Library.

For a full overview of the integration head over to our website for in-depth tutorials and C2C showcase videos. Matthew Allard is a multi-award-winning, ACS accredited freelance Director of Photography with 30 years’ experience working in more than 50 countries around the world. He is the Editor of and has been writing on the site since 2010. Matthew has won 43 ACS Awards, including four prestigious Golden Tripods. In 2016 he won the Award for Best Cinematography at the 21st Asian Television Awards. Matthew is available to hire as a DP in Japan or for work anywhere else in the world.

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