Netflix game add-on from mobile phones

Netflix game add-on from mobile phones

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  • “We are also in the early stages of further expansion into the game, based on our previous commitment to interactivity (such as Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and Stranger Things games,” the company said.

  • According to The Verge, the company released news on Tuesday as part of its second-quarter earnings report. The announcement comes a few days after the company announces that it has hired former EA and Oculus executive Mike Verdu to lead the game’s work.

“Games are considered another new content category for us, as well as original movies, animations, and extensions to unscripted television. Games, like movies and series, are of members at no additional cost. It’s included in your Netflix subscription, “Netflix added.

Netflix has recently expanded its television contract with Shonda Rhimes to include feature films and game content, but currently there are no details about the types of games that are actually available. It also doesn’t mention how the game will be delivered to Netflix subscribers.

“Initially, we’ll focus primarily on games for mobile devices,” the company said, revealing plans to expand the game.

The company has admitted in the past that it has been competing with the game for time and attention, and co-CEO Reed Hastings wrote in 2019 that it will “compete (and lose) with Fortnite more than HBO.” ..

COO Greg Peters discussed the company’s interest in games in April as part of its first-quarter revenue (PDF). And the company has already stepped into the game with experiences like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Carmen Sandiego.

However, with the recent adoption of Verdu and new information shared on Tuesday about its initial plans, Netflix seems to be more focused on the game than ever before. (ANI)

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