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Update – 2020.04.18

Is the Mylikes Service down now, Down Forever? Site 2 has been inaccessible for more than 150 days. If the site is active or if you have more information about the status of the site, please comment below… Or read this new guide on How to Make Money Online: 12 Ideas to Get Started

Find out how Earn money at home online with Mylikes

Mylikes earning Cheats – Earn money at home online: Are you looking for ways to make money from home online?
Here’s the best way to start making money almost instantly! Before we start, I want you to realize that this method won’t give you $ 100 a day that you’re dreaming of, but it is enough to increase even more $ 5 to $ 10 every day that you can reinvest online and build a business that will certainly bring passive income.
Have you come across the phrase – winning when you sleep? Here is my personal opinion on Mylikes, read this article? Review of Mylikes.

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This method is a FIRE-RIGHT way to make you earn your first $ 5 online right now. Come to think of it, you are in search of a make money online fast method? You’re in the right place. Let’s start

Dear reader, this is not fake, you can see the screenshot below that I won approximately $ 30 daily. With my mylikes account. I have a large network on Twitter and Pinterest, that’s why I won so much. Even you can earn a lot, but at the beginning, I’m sure you don’t have a lot of followers on Twitter and Pinterest, but one thing is for sure: the more you work on your social networking sites the more you earn.

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Trick 1. How you can make money from home online easily with $ 5 a day with Pinterest and

Here is my list of methods to make money, so you can choose from that, I have compiled lists on how to make money online in 2020.

1. Create activated account My Likes

Do you want to create an account at It’s free to create an account and it only takes less than three minutes for many beginners to– is a site that can be the focus on the pay per click (PPC) basis. This means that you are paid for each click on your link, similar to Google AdSense. You will create a publisher account. If you don’t know how to create an account of my own, you can also read this article How to create an account on Mylikes.

2. My tanning campaigns

After creating your account, you can earn the first $$ by promoting many available campaigns!

3. Share campaigns by getting web link options

As I said above, there will be many campaigns, click “Get web link“And your selected campaign will be added to the” My Likes “site on the Personal site. View the site you liked by clicking on the” View site “option in the upper part of the city.with, In case you don’t see it, you want a pair of glasses from Google. It’s a big blue button. Find! Is there. See the image below for more details.

mylikes winning ways

4. Choose multiple campaigns

Select multiple campaigns to have a beautiful mini-site in No matter how the mini-site of my taste is displayed, however, we are only focusing on campaigns.

5. Time to get paid

As acknowledged above, whenever you click on the “Get link from the web” option, you can receive the shareable link on various social sites. When people click on your link, you get paid! Easy? Of course, that is the purpose of this post! However, the amount you receive per click depends on where your audience is located. Apparently, in case you get clicks from the U.S., Europe and so on. You are paid handsomely.

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6. Promote campaigns with the social networking site (for example: Facebook, Pinterestand Twitter)

Okay, your mini site is ready and the campaigns are in place. It’s time to start sharing it with your audience or your networks of friends … this time, our audience may be coming

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7. Create a Pinterest account

Create your Pinterest account at and it’s free and can take less than 2 minutes to create. When you already have a Pinterest account, you can skip this step. Or you can choose other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

8. Install Pinterest Pin it addon

You must install the browser ‘Pinterest Pin it’ add-on on your PC. This step will now play an important role in making that method successful. We are going to install the “Pinterest Pin it” add-on on firefox. You can do this by looking for the add-on in the Firefox add-on manager.

9. Use my tanning campaigns as Pins on

Now, we’ll use our My Likes campaigns as Pins on – still in Firefox, you will see the Pinterest addon button on the highest side of your PC. While in a specific campaign for which you have the “network link”, click on the addon button. It will transform your website’s campaign photos into pinnable images. You’ll need to search for your campaign’s image from anywhere. Paint the photos of these campaigns that, for sure, will be noticed and click with the visitors.
Make sure you are connected to your whenever you click the pin button, the image will likely be posted to your Pinterest dashboard.

10. Get paid when the user clicks on your pins

If you pinned an image to Pinterest, the provision of images is also provided to users. When a user clicks on the “source link”, it is the Pinterest “web link” you just created when starting the campaign. You get paid when people click on your “web hyperlink” and, simply, the more people click on it, the more money you earn. For extra clicks, take advantage of winning campaigns.

11. Time to check your salary on your My Likes account

As you start getting more visitors on your links, you’ll notice the $$$ coming even earlier. And don’t forget to connect your PayPal account to my Likes account to get paid!

If you have followers on Twitter, you can share your Pinterest links and get many more links! In addition, if you get more followers on Pinterest, you’ll see $$$ increasing rapidly.

This method works, and if you’re looking for a solution to make money quickly online, you have it here. You don’t want to invest money. This is my amendment to make money from

Tip: use the Bitly service to shorten your URL. This is necessary to get more clicks.

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Trick 2. Make $ 50 a day on Twitter with Mylikes

This trick I am going to write about Make money at home online from $ 5 to $ 50 a day with your Twitter account. This is an article with tips on how to make money from Twitter followers. Have some ways to make money online with Twitter; you can choose a way to do it. I think it is best to choose a minimum of three ways to make money from Twitter. After that, I’ll walk you through making money with Twitter on

1 Create Twitter accounts and My Likes

First, I created an account on Mylikes. The site pays up to 0.04 per click and all you have to do is spread the link. The factor is that this site offers several popular articles, so the content is more than enough. All you need to do is choose one and spread the link.

After that, create a Twitter account, create a MyLikes account. To ensure that your Twitter account is accepted for the next one, be sure to have a biography (whatever you want), a profile photo, a background image and about 20 tweets. Just tweet slowly, whatever you want.
Sign up for twiend. All that is important is to log into their website, using Twitter. If your account is pending, you must wait a day or two.

2. Use the third-party Twitter service as Twiends

I use twiends to get a good amount of followers on twitter. Twiends is a follow-up rating program, so when you follow someone, you receive seeds and at the same time, other people are likely to follow you back. As soon as I reach my daily limit on Twiends (you will be able to follow a maximum of 1,000), I will go to twitclub and you will receive 100 free daily followers. Just follow the 100 people, they follow automatically.

For friends, follow everyone who offers seeds. Do not follow anyone who says “O seeds”. After following everyone on that page, press reload and do the same thing again. After accumulating about 50 seeds, wait until the seeds reach 10 (usually takes 20 minutes or less) and continue to follow more people until you reach your normal daily limit.

3. Get some fake followers

As soon as I have about 5,000 followers, it takes 5 to 8 days at most, I bought 10,000 fake followers from Fiverr. This cost $ 5. Fake followers are important because they add a professional feel. People tend to retweet / read your message more if you have more followers.

4. Real 5K + fake 13K brought me up to 17K

5. Use Hashtag in your tweets

You should now start a trend that goes viral. The most recent one I did was “#earnmoneywithtwitter is 5-0! Our time is now! Take a look at what others are saying (Your link here) ”for a trend to go viral, most people need to be talking about it. You can do two things here.

  • Start a new pattern or
  • Get an exciting trend, and go from re. If you’re working with an interesting trend, see how many retweets the top comments have. If you have less than 2.5k RT, you can work with it.

You can find #Tag trend in a specific area by selecting your location. Now, after using step 6 of this tutorial, the tweet was at the top of the list. He jumped 2.5K Retweets, to more than 11,000.

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6. Again Get lots of retweets with Fiverr

Now all you need is a lot of retweets. You can use Fiverr for that, and there are several 2,500 sales retweets for $ 5. All you have to do is wait 24 hours for the seller, and your tweet will be the first in that hashtag or among the first. Now, of course, this Atlanta Falcon was just an example, the same with #UseSocialMediaforGood, so see what works best. Another great one is # 10ThingsIHate Find a good joke and you can link to an article.

7. Time to make a lot of money from your retweets

And watch the money roll. People should retweet because your tweet is at the top, interested people click on your link and, most of the time, the tag is in trend for a few days and generates huge profits.

Recommended TIP:
* Use the Bitly service to shorten your URL. This is necessary to get more clicks. You can also use other short URL services, like

For more You can learn how to make money with Twitter or how to make money with Facebook or how to make extra money online, and in other ways.

We hope you enjoy the article ‘Mylikes winning tricks – Earn money at home online’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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