My favorite “phone” isn’t actually a phone, it’s a slate

My favorite "phone" isn't actually a phone, it's a slate

Tech Highlights:

  • I fondly remember calling everyone all the time in the early days of the cell phone, early 2000s – it sure was a simpler time. Carrying around a dense, plastic brick phone with a monochrome display, sometimes on a neck strap like a douche. Calling friends constantly, despite my hundred-dollars-per-minute phone plan… or a similarly outrageous cost… Memory’s a bit fuzzy. But now I personally never make phone calls, and definitely hate receiving them. A phone call these days feels like an intrusion on my personal life – someone suddenly dropping in unannounced, to bother me with something they could’ve texted, and I could’ve responded when I actually wanted to.

  • What exactly is a phone? I don’t want to get all philosophical on you, but we don’t really make phone calls anymore, based on my observations of innumerable phone fanatics and casual users. We either text each other using our preferred online messaging software, or – as of early 2020 – we mostly do video chats with each other when a semi-face-to-face conversation is required. It’s all done through the internet. Dare I say it, but phone conversations are becoming a bit of a relic these days, reserved for our elderly who also use Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too – why the heck would anyone need an 8.3-inch Apple tablet, especially if they already have a nearly 7-inch iPhone that runs the same software? Or if they own any modern phone, since most of them are well within 6 inches and above. Well, the iPad mini 6, and the mini series in general actually do have their niche audiences, such as private helicopter pilots, who apparently find their size perfect for use inside cramped cockpits.

But back to why I call the iPad mini 6 my “phone” that’s “not a phone,” though. Yes, it’s because lacking phone calling functionality is actually a plus in my book. You can still slot in a sim card if you get the cellular model, so you’ll continue getting your messages wherever you are, and can do your video calls, but no more people dropping in on your life unannounced.

It’s also a great premium tablet for children who are too young to have a smartphone, yet too old to not have access to internet entertainment and mobile games. Because it’s actually not very small for a first tablet – just right. Yet still light enough, and definitely more than powerful enough for kids to entertain themselves with it, or even explore their creative side.

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