Must-have on the market: These transparent prototypes of Apple AirPods and MacBook chargers

Must-have on the market: These transparent prototypes of Apple AirPods and MacBook chargers

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  • Giulio Zompetti, an Apple device collector, shared photos of prototypes of custom AirPods and a 29W power adapter for the 12-inch MacBook with transparent designs. And these prototypes look a lot more interesting and better than the commercial versions of these products that you can buy from the market. That is because these prototypes reveal how Apple designs its AirPods and MacBook power adapter. It is like there is an entirely new world living inside these gadgets, though in a miniature form.

  • Now, an Apple enthusiast has reimagined the AirPods and MacBook power adapter with the see-through design with new prototypes, and they should totally go on the market for sale.

Jokingly, the prototype with the transparent design actually puts “Air” in AirPods. The stem of the AirPods is jam-packed with wires and circuits inside. The appearance resembles that of the Nothing ear (1), which wowed everyone with its retro-futuristic design. But this is only a throwback to the time when see-through gadgets used to be popular – in the 90s.

Enthusiasts, however, still find a way to bring those designs back through skins that make devices look like their covering is transparent. But while using skins is the closest resort to what the prototypes of Apple AirPods and MacBook power adapter show, it is not the permanent and most aesthetic solution.

Apple’s iMac G3 was one of the early gadgets that came with a translucent covering where the internal of the computer were all visible. Similarly, the Nintendo 64 is the best example of how beautiful see-through gadgets can look, and woo a rather specific section of customers who like geekiness oozing from their gadgets. The reason why the trend vanished is not unambiguous but the urge to give different superficial designs, such as a matte finish or a glittery finish, is what led to the fade.

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