‘Music Aesthetic’: People are wearing wired EarPods again

'Music Aesthetic': People are wearing wired EarPods again

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  • Now, TikTok has had its say, too. Apparently, people are going back to wires because it’s part of the “music aesthetic.” That’s a thing, see. It’s the same as people who listen to vinyl records, too. According to the TikTok account @thedigitalfairy, at least. I’d still very much wager that AirPods are the best iPhone listening experience you’re going to come across right now, but I’m so far removed from being fashionable that I’ve yet to spell it right the first time all the way through this post. So there’s that. But who am I to argue with the rich and famous?

  • Here’s something you didn’t expect to hear today — EarPods are fashionable again. Or, at least, wired headphones and earbuds are. The news, as shocking as it might be, comes from a few different angles. It also isn’t a new phenomenon, either. Back in 2019 Vogue suggested that celebs were ditching their AirPods in favor of something a little more “vintage.”

Not a fan of EarPods but still looking to jump onto this new fashion trend? These are the best wired alternatives to EarPods we’ve seen. I’ll be sticking to my AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, personally!

And yet, here we are: entering into the depth of autumn and contemplating whether it’s too early to switch on our heating – and if we need to forgo our AirPods for a more tangled, and apparently outdated, alternative.

Of all the things to cause such a ruckus on the internet in 2021, few would have predicted that the list would be topped by wired headphones.

Despite only having been around since 2016, AirPods – wireless earbuds created by Apple – have been usurped by their older counterpart. At least, that’s what the Gen-Z TikTok community seems to think.

Last week, a TikTok video of a young woman who goes by @thedigifairy talking about wired headphones went viral.

In the clip, the woman describes wired headphones as a “vintage accessory” and points to celebrities who have been sporting the so-called trend, including Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Zoe Kravitz, all of whom appear to have traded slick wireless headphones for bulkier counterparts – or perhaps they just lost their AirPods.

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