Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available

Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available

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  • Assassin’s Creed Origins marked a new beginning for Assassin’s Creed: Origins was the series’ first major step toward becoming the sprawling open-world RPG it is today. It’s set in a stunning, unforgettable recreation of Ancient Egypt and stars one of the series’ all-time best protagonists in Bayek of Siwa. It’s smaller in scope than its successors (Odyssey and Valhalla), making it an accessible entry point for those who want a taste of Ubisoft’s more expansive Assassin’s Creeds.

  • As soon as the service’s latency is improved, Xbox Cloud Gaming will finally support mouse and keyboard input. Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, which is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will soon allow players to control games with a mouse and keyboard. This was announced by Xbox as part of Xfest. Support for the mouse and keyboard input can already be implemented by developers, and functionality will be included upon launch.

A spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood continues that legacy with fun, four-player zombie carnage. Turtle Rock Studios, which created Left 4 Dead while owned by Valve, performs an impressive balancing act between familiar and fresh: Back 4 Blood takes the gameplay structure of its spiritual predecessor and adds an inventive card-based progressive system to create one of the best cooperative experiences on Game Pass.

Skyrim is a defining RPG of the Xbox 360-PS3 era, and one of the best fantasy RPGs of all time. Rich in creatures and characters, environments and lore, player choice and progress, Skyrim is a must-play for any Game Pass subscriber with a passing interest in RPGs. Thanks to Skyrim’s most recent upgrade, Series X|S owners can now play it with enhanced graphics and faster load times.

In IGN’s Crusader Kings 3 review, we called it “a superb strategy game, a great RPG, and a master class in how to take the best parts of existing systems and make them deeper and better.” Its strong grand strategy mechanics are propped up by meaningful human stories that emerge as you build and sustain a dynasty. It earned a 10 in our review, which crowned it the “new king of historical strategy.”

Fallout: New Vegas takes the best of Bethesda’s beloved RPG series and layers it with Obsidian’s signature wit and charm. A branching main story and excellent side quests keep you moving through the Mojave Wasteland, where you’ll encounter memorable characters (its dialogue is particularly brilliant) and creatures. For those who prefer Bethesda’s flavor of Fallout, Game Pass also includes Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on mobile devices, PCs, and Samsung TVs. Currently, the service only supports gamepads on PC, but players will soon be able to play games using a mouse and keyboard.

As part of the new input method, Microsoft announced plans to improve latency by moving to a new process that will use direct capture to stream games. Microsoft says this new method could cut latency by up to 72ms, however it could come at the expense of visual fidelity. However, Microsoft says it is working on bumping up the visual quality of the new streaming method which maxes out at 1440p resolution.

Microsoft has been working to expand the functionality of Xbox Cloud Gaming, including letting subscribers stream games they own, even if they’re not available as part of the Xbox Game Pass library. Along with expanding to TVs, Xbox Cloud Gaming appears poised to continue growing as a feature of Xbox’s popular subscription service.

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