More than 3 billion people use Google Workspace

More than 3 billion people use Google Workspace

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  • Firstly, we can’t say that 3 billion users actually means 3 billion “users.” We’re pretty sure that Google is counting every active account as a user, but here’s the thing: What about people who make multiple Google accounts? Once an account is made, it gets the suite. One user could very well have 10 accounts, but that could count that as 10 users. This most likely inflated the numbers to be so big.

  • Productivity packages are plentiful these days, but Microsoft and Google continue to dominate the market. Google’s Workspace has been evolving and gaining traction over time, aiming to challenge Microsoft’s market dominance. Workspace now has more over 3 billion users, according to Google’s Cloud Next conference (via Tech Radar). There are over 3 billion users of Google Workspace, but there may be a catch. During the conference, Google used the opportunity to brag about some large numbers, including the size of Workspace. We can see in the image below that Google Workspace is used by over 3 billion people. That’s a fantastic achievement, but there are a few things we need to consider.

Another thing to consider is the fact that not all of the users are using Workspace. There are over 3 billion Android phones out there in the wild, and we can expect the majority of them to be attached to a Google account; and by extension, a Workspace account. However, that doesn’t mean that every one of them is using Workspace. Google Workspace has its own app store where people can install productivity tools. There are first-party applications like Google Calendar and Keep, and there are also third-party applications like Slack and Asana. These are installed and live throughout your Google account, so you can access them from anywhere.

The Workspace news was a minor bump in excitement before the Google Pixel 6/6 Pro’s launch. We’re now only a week away from seeing Google’s latest handset, and we’re expecting an interesting experience. It’s going to be running Google’s own Tensor SoC and it will have an under-display fingerprint scanner. The official launch date is October 19th, so be ready.

In the picture, we see that there are over 5,300 applications available. This is low compared to most application markets, but these are all more-or-less business-centric applications. Even though the number of apps is relatively low, there have been a ton of installations. According to the picture, there have been more than 4.8 billion installs. As stated before, we can’t count on every Google account owner to be an active Workspace user; however, if a person is installing these apps, they’d need to be a user.

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