More rumors of a Chrono Cross remaster surfaced

More rumors of a Chrono Cross remaster surfaced

Tech Highlights:

  • “Gematsu also learned that a remastered edition of Chrono Cross is in the works,” Romano told Gematsu.

  • Gematsu writer Sal Romano confirmed last week’s reports of a remaster/remake of the cult-classic JRPG in a storey in Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space regarding a possible Chrono Cross crossover event.

The massive Nvidia database breach in September sparked rumours of a Chrono Cross remaster/remake. As per the company’s statement, any titles on the list may or may not exist, as perplexing as that may sound. That seems sense, given how inaccurate the list has been so far.

It’s still unclear if this rumored revival of Chrono Cross is a remake or a remaster. The game came out on the original Playstation console back in 1999, so simply touching up certain assets probably isn’t feasible. We will see if these reports all turn out to be true! The Game Awards sure would be an ideal place to make an announcement like this.

For example, Halo 5: Guardians for PC was on there, though 343 Industries said there are no plans for a port of the game. God of War for PC, on the other hand, is happening. Sony confirmed that the 2018 soft reboot is indeed coming to PC next year. So please continue to take all of this with a massive grain of salt until Square Enix explicitly announces it.


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