Money isn’t the only reason Twitch streamers are switching to YouTube

Money isn't the only reason Twitch streamers are switching to YouTube

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  • Most people believe Ludwig left Twitch for the money, and while he acknowledges that YouTube has offered him a more lucrative deal, he still wants to stay with Twitch. Ludwig is more tempted to stay with Twitch, as he explains in a video titled “Why I’m Leaving Twitch.” He even tosses a coin and is relieved when the odd outcome implies he should keep with Amazon’s streaming network.

  • Most people have heard that Twitch streamer Ludwig Aghren is leaving the platform to focus only on YouTube Games. Aghren isn’t the first Twitch broadcaster to go to YouTube, and he’s not likely to be the last, but his candour in expressing his choice to quit Twitch is admirable.


When Ludwig discussed this feeling, several other streamers acknowledged similar sentiments. Again live streamer has left YouTube, TimTheTatman revealed that he had a similar experience with Twitch when discussing the possibility of switching to YouTube. No matter TimTheTatman has been streaming on Twitch longer than Ludwig, he still seems to get the same treatment.

But what makes Ludwig weird is how YouTube continues to struggle for him to come to their platform. It’s starting to make Ludwig realize that Twitch doesn’t seem to value him as much as he values ​​the company. At one point, Ludwig was the biggest streamer on Twitch – breaking Twitch subscriber records was previously held by Ninja – and there has been no acknowledgment from the company of that achievement yet. In other words, it looks like Twitch has taken for granted what it has in Ludwig, and that’s ultimately what made him switch to YouTube.

Obviously, YouTube will now do more to attract live streamers to its platform. YouTube Gaming is still trying to grow and compete with Twitch, while Twitch is already at the top of the mountain. We’ve seen the same thing with Mixer and Facebook, where deals are bigger and gambling and dining are more rampant. Ludwig even admitted it, but he said it didn’t make it any more painful.

YouTube will really compete with Twitch

For Twitch, this may not be an issue in the end, but the number of streamers who have switched platforms paints an interesting picture. Getting random big streamers is one thing, but Ludwig has a lot of connections with Twitch, as he mentioned. Former Twitch streamer Dr. Lupo regularly collaborates with Twitch on major charity streams but ready to switch to YouTube Games.

Twitch’s culture and the feeling that it’s one big, anonymous corporation has been a topic of discussion for a long time but now it’s manifesting itself in new ways. Some are questioning their value to Twitch, even as others say this is ultimately nothing new. However, rumors suggest that Ludwig won’t be the last to make the switch. YouTube is still making moves and now has a new form of leverage to hold Twitch. For the Amazon-owned company, it may be time to start investing in the creators still on the platform and at least give them some encouragement now and then.

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