Mom loses $4,500 in WhatsApp phone scam targeting parents

Mom loses $4,500 in WhatsApp phone scam targeting parents

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  • Lenton’s suspicions were sparked when she tried to contact her “son” on his new number after transferring the money, only to get a message saying it wasn’t functioning. Qantas jet made ‘fuel mayday’ over Aussie city. If you’re browsing second-hand sites and see a deal that’s too good to be true, think twice. Scamwatch has issued a warning on social media, posting a fake ad selling a $10 ‘antique piano’ to illustrate.

  • Jan Lenton believed she was helping her son out with some much-needed cash in an emergency, but $4500 later she realised she had fallen for a terrible con. She admitted to Ben Fordham on 2GB, “I’ve been in business most of my life, and I’m the one who advises everybody else ‘be careful’… and then I fell for it. You don’t really know what’s going on, especially if your children reside abroad, according to Lenton. Study comes to an unexpected conclusion regarding conspiracy theories

Aussies warned about fresh scam on second-hand sites. Little Journeys was just released as a public early access title on Google Play. It has low-poly, stylised 3D graphics and is an action game with no violence. The player takes on the role of a blimp pilot whose responsibility it is to move the miniature people around. The airship inertia, which needs some level of piloting expertise to manage, is the game’s main obstacle. The excitement of flying through the skies while listening to gloomy music, the satisfaction of improving one’s piloting skills, and the desire to take on new missions are the main factors that keep the gameplay interesting.

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