Models of the iPhone that do not require a physical SIM card

Models of the iPhone that do not require a physical SIM card

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  • We explained the other day why removing the iPhone’s physical SIM card slot is inevitable. Apple is looking to eliminate all ports and buttons from the iPhone. That “perfect” iPhone design would let Apple offer buyers a waterproof device, not just water-resistant. With no point of entry inside a perfectly sealed case, the iPhone would survive accidents involving liquids even better than it already does. The Lightning port, the SIM card slot, and the buttons are such entry points.

  • Following two different claims that Apple is working on iPhone models that do not require a real SIM card. Similar assertions were made by the leaker earlier this year, even before the iPhone 13 was released. When Apple will offer an iPhone without a real SIM card tray is still unknown. Previous sources said that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 will be the first models to lack a SIM card slot. In addition, Apple and its carrier partners may sell iPhone 13 models that may be activated via a digital eSIM. They’ll feature a SIM card slot, however nano-SIMs will not be included in the package.

The removal of the SIM card tray has an added benefit. Apple can recycle that internal space for new logic board designs. Apple can then save up more internal real estate to increase the battery capacity.

A report from Brazil said a few days ago that the iPhone 15 will lose the SIM slot. Separately, MacRumors learned that Apple instructed carrier partners to start selling eSIM-only phones by September 2022. Mobile operators should begin selling iPhones without nano-SIM cards in the box as soon as the second quarter of 2022. These eSIM-only iPhones would still feature physical SIM card slots. Apple isn’t about to change the iPhone 13 design halfway through the cycle.

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