MIUI 14: Xiaomi 12 will receive an Android 13 update through the Mi Pilot program

News Summary:

  • Now Xiaomi is releasing MIUI 14 to his Xiaomi 12 only if he is enrolled in his Mi Pilot program. According to The Update Box, Xiaomi distributed his MIUI 14 to Xiaomi 12 as MIUI The build number indicates that the operating system has a particularly short lifespan. For reference, the update comes with the January 2023 Android security patch and is a 4.45 GB download. Xiaomi recommends performing a full backup before upgrading from MIUI 13 to MIUI 14. Here is the download link for MIUI Unless Xiaomi finds a critical bug, it usually takes weeks for Mi Pilot builds to be widely adopted.

  • Xiaomi officially unveiled MIUI 14 in December, but the operating system update has yet to be released in a big way around the world. At that time, Xiaomi promised to provide an OS update for the Xiaomi 12 series from January 2023, after which it shipped for the Xiaomi 12 Lite. Xiaomi has announced that the Xiaomi 12 Pro, MIX Fold 2, Xiaomi 12S and Redmi K50 series are also set to receive MIUI 14 before the February rollout, with a short list of devices that can somehow download MIUI 14. Added Xiaomi 12 to around here.

MIUI 14 is a hefty download, but once installed, the operating system should use less disk space than his MIUI 13. MIUI 14 also allows you to uninstall more system apps than MIUI 13. Use this in conjunction with the automatic duplicate file finder to further reduce onboard storage usage. MIUI 14 is said to load up to 60 times more apps than MIUI 13 and consume up to 22% less power, but it remains to be seen whether all the innovations shown in the Chinese version of MIUI 14 will make it to the global version. Still do not know.