Minecraft’s Steve Height is confirmed by Xbox

Minecraft's Steve Height is confirmed by Xbox

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  • It’s well known that in Minecraft, all graphics are represented in the form of pixelized blocks, which can make it rather difficult to judge the size of things. Items, structures, and creatures are often shown to be significantly larger or smaller in relation to each other in Minecraft than they are in real life, but now that Steve’s height has been confirmed, fans may be able to puzzle out the size of his world.

  • The height of Minecraft’s Steve, one of the player’s basic skins, has been confirmed by Xbox, and the news has caused a stir on the internet.Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, but players are still learning a lot about the game’s characters, including Steve, the default skin for the game’s protagonist. The actual height of Steve is one fresh piece of Minecraft information that was recently provided by Xbox.

According to a recent post on the official Xbox Twitter account, Steve is 6’2” or 1.875 meters tall, putting him well over the average male height of 5’9” or 1.75 meters. This information may surprise fans who are used to thinking of him on a different scale, particularly after Minecraft Steve appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This news may mean that fans need to reconsider the exact scale of Minecraft’s world and its other inhabitants. For example, the bees in Minecraft are easily the size of Steve’s head, which could make them the size of a watermelon in real life. Creepers appear to be about the size height as Steve, which would make them towering figures fans might not want to meet in a dark alley. Even the foxes of Minecraft seem to be oversized, reaching halfway up Steve’s legs when most real-life red foxes wouldn’t even reach halfway up to his knees.

However, a number of other users appeared to be quite startled or even defensive. One user observed that Xbox’s post was a bit flawed, as the average male height was 5’7” rather than 5’9”, which would only make Steve’s confirmed height more impressive. It does not appear that these fans questioned the resulting conclusions about the size of Minecraft’s other animals and mobs. That said, one conversation soon arose about the fact that, if Steve is 6’2”, it would follow that Alex, the game’s other default player skin, would also be 6’2”. Since Steve appears to be the same height as Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this may mean that Mario is also taller than fans might expect.

As of writing, it appears that fan reaction is split, with some replies expressing shock or disbelief at Steve’s newly revealed stature and other replies communicating indifference or even disregard for Minecraft as a whole, despite plans for a massive Minecraft update being revealed recently. Across the board, it seems that fans didn’t expect Steve to be over six feet tall. Even the official Pizza Hut Gaming Twitter account grumbled about the reveal of Steve’s height.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.




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