Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC

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  • The announcement came out of this year’s Minecraft Live event, the digital convention filled with Minecraft reveals, news, and plenty of Minecraft community goodness. Minecraft coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC helped kick off the event, as it’s been something fans have been asking for years through the past. Starting November 2, Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers will be able to download both versions of Minecraft.

  • Since its inception in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has provided a diverse selection of games for Xbox platforms and PC. However, despite Xbox’s pledge to bring first-party exclusives on Xbox Game Pass day one, as well as Xbox’s first-party catalogue of older games, one conspicuous omission has always been present: Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass for PC. That’s an oversight that Xbox and Mojang are now working to rectify. Both the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft for PC will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC in the near future.

The availability of both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions will be a little different than before, however. Rather than split the two versions of Minecraft up into separate applications, Mojang is bundling them together into what’s named the Minecraft: PC Bundle, available solely through Game Pass. This bundle app will allow players to swap between games from the same Minecraft launcher with relative ease. The two are still separate games, each with its own limitations, but they’ll at least be available in a simple and accessible way.

One big question left unanswered by Xbox and Mojang is, “Why?” Why is Minecraft being brought to Xbox Game Pass on PC now? After all, Minecraft has been available on console Game Pass for a very long time. It had to have been a conscious decision to keep Minecraft off of Xbox Game Pass for PC. Perhaps something changed, or perhaps Mojang has upcoming plans which will benefit from Minecraft being more widely available.

For those unfamiliar, Minecraft’s Java version is the original version of the game released on PC in 2011. This version of the game remains Minecraft’s primary version, receiving the latest updates from Mojang. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, often referred to as just Minecraft, is a combination of Minecraft versions across mobile devices, PC, and Windows 10. This version has cross-play between devices, but receives updates later than the Java version of the game.

Regardless of why, there’s never a bad time to check out Minecraft, whether as a returning player or for the very first time. Later in 2021, Mojang will be introducing the second half of its Caves & Cliffs update, as well as another update named The Wild in 2022. Minecraft’s future remains an exciting adventure to look forward to.

Minecraft: PC Bundle arrives on Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2.




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