Microsoft Word and Outlook could soon benefit from improved AI

News Summary:

  • The Verge has received information from the unnamed source indicating that Prometheus may soon be available in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

  • Microsoft is developing plans to integrate even more of its Microsoft 365 office software products with its Prometheus model, which OpenAI’s GPT large language model serves as a kind of foundation for.

This comes after the business recently unveiled its redesigned Bing search engine, which some claim was unintentionally released earlier than expected to beat Google’s Bard to the punch.

The advantages for Microsoft Word users might include some kind of writing assistance, such as better grammar and spelling checkers or more sophisticated tools to help create the right tone. As a result, companies like Grammarly might need to accelerate their development.

The Microsoft Outlook email service’s AI model, which can handle more conversational prompts and could make search more usable. The company’s mail app has long faced criticism for performing poorly in the search department, especially when compared to competitors like Gmail.

Another artificial intelligence (AI) intended for Excel has already been mentioned by some Microsoft researchers from other parts of the suite. Despite not using the GPT model, the Excel-specific proprietary technology may aid less technically inclined users in producing better formulas.

Microsoft may seem to be releasing AI versions in a hurried manner, but it has had more success than Google, which recently saw its market value decline significantly as a result of a Bard promo video that contained factually incorrect information. Microsoft may have the resources it needs to become the preferred environment for both businesses and individuals again thanks to its relative success and speed.