Microsoft takes the lead after Google’s Bard demo failed

News Summary:

  • Recent comments made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella were among the factors that affected investors’ choices. He made a number of audacious assertions, one of which was that Microsoft Bing AI could unseat Google in the search market. Verge says he wants people to understand that “we made them [Google] dance.” Does Google actually “dance”? Ask the chatbot’s AI anything. We must caution you, though, that you might not get the right response in light of recent events.

  • On the first day of work, the Google Bard demo was a failure. Investors sold off $100 billion worth of Alphabet stock after a promotional video featuring the Google Bard demo produced inaccurate information. A few investors are worried that the parent company of Google is losing ground to Microsoft in the AI race.

The Google Bard demo appears to be responding to a query in an animated GIF that Google posted on Twitter. What recent revelations made by the James Webb Space Telescope can I share with my 9-year-old? One of Bard’s three points is that the telescope “took the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system.” However, astronomers were quick to correct the record, pointing out that the information on NASA’s website is false and that the first image of an exoplanet was actually captured in 2004. Google has to pay $100 billion for the failure.

What recent discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I share with my 9-year-old? is the question posed to the Google Bard demo in the advertisement. The Google Bard demo spits out two correct answers after a brief pause. But the final answer it offered was incorrect. The telescope had reportedly obtained the first pictures of a planet outside of our solar system, as stated by Google Bard demo. The first pictures of these “exoplanets” were actually taken by the Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory and stored in NASA’s archives.

In a video demonstration, Google showcased its “experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA.” According to the company, Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications uses ML to give chatbots the ability to interact in “natural,” “unscripted,” and “unstructured” ways.

Bard analyst Colin Sebastian thinks, Microsoft is in the forefront of early AI public relations. In the AI conflict, Microsoft Bing AI is in the lead. He emphasized that the race had just begun though.

In OpenAI, Microsoft has made a sizable investment. Microsoft also announced on January 23 that it would be making a sizeable investment. Google was forced to issue code red alerts, focus AI, and launch the Google Bard demo due to the growth of ChatGPT and the threat posed by Microsoft.

To better understand the multi-billion dollar AI war, let’s briefly review Microsoft Bing AI and Google Bard AI and contrast them with ChatGPT.