Microsoft surprised fans with Xbox gift boxes for the anniversary

Microsoft surprised fans with Xbox gift boxes for the anniversary

Points Highlighted:

  • The Keepsake Kit included a 20 Years of Xbox crystal—a substantial glass block etched with the recipient’s gamertag—as well as a Halo Infinite Limited Edition controller and an Xbox Gamepass Ultimate year-long subscription.

  • Microsoft sent out surprise gift boxes to randomly selected Xbox fanfest gamers as part of Xbox’s ongoing 20th anniversary celebrations.

A note accompanied the package and read, “As thank you for being a part of the 20 years of Xbox, we’re gifting you this FanFest 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit. This is a limited-edition kit, created for randomly selected Xbox FanFest fans to commemorate our journey from past, present, and future as an Xbox community.”

On December 13, Microsoft will also release a six-part documentary titled Power On: The Story of Xbox, available on YouTube and other platforms.

Microsoft has already held quite a few events to celebrate its gaming console, like November’s 20th anniversary Xbox celebration livestream and an interactive, browser-based Xbox museum. In the anniversary livestream, Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer mode would release ahead of game’s single-player mode and introduced a new list of over 70 Xbox games slated for backwards compatibility.

And get it personalized by signing in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of Xbox in 2021, and there’s a good chance that you’ve been part of that journey for part of those two decades. To reminisce, a new Xbox Museum site is live with 3D interactivity, and it also offers a look back at your own history with the console family.

Once you’re at the Xbox Museum page, you can sign in by clicking on the trophy in the middle, at which point you’ll get some statistics about how many Achievements you’ve received and which systems you’ve played. But click on it again after you go back to the home page and you’ll be sent into a 3D space with an avatar you can control around a huge room. If you share your link, you can even let other people join your room.

Clicking on any of the consoles will give you similar rooms filled with avatars running around as they explore past Xbox history. As you go through the first room, you’ll see how the original Xbox came to fruition, and a separate Halo museum even has details on the game’s development and the original Halo: The Fall of Reach novel–which you should definitely read because it’s great. The museum isn’t a sugar-coated view of the Xbox brand, either, with the Xbox One section calling out the system’s high price and initial online-only and Kinect requirements. As things improved, of course, the little stories you can see get more positive, and the Xbox Series X|S section ends with a teaser of cloud gaming and the upcoming six-part documentary series. You can actually exit through a virtual gift shop, too.

The museum arrives just a few weeks before Halo Infinite is due to launch. It’s shaping up to be an enormous title for not just Xbox Series X|S, but also Xbox One and PC.

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