Microsoft Surface Book 2: What we can expect so far from the upcoming notebook

If the rumors are to be true, then the Microsoft is currently working on its upcoming notebook, the Microsoft Surface Book 2. The aim to launch the Microsoft’s Surface Book was to pose a direct challenge to the MacBook Pro. But this 2-in-1 device was much more than that. When the first version was unveiled last October, it was warmly accepted. But there were certain flaws in the first Gen Microsoft Surface Book.

The Surface Book used the Dynamic-Fulcrum hinge mechanism that allows Surface Book owners to detach the screen from the base and use the touchscreen as a fully-featured Windows 10 tablet.

Detaching the tablet is handled by a small icon in the task-bar, or by holding down on the designated keyboard key. Unfortunately, the current generation hinge leaves a small gap between the display and the keyboard when the laptop lid is shut. This made the chiclet keyboard and display get dirtier than rival devices as you thrown the laptop in-and-out of your backpack.

Image Source: PC Mag

Image Source: PC Mag

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But now, the company’s upcoming Surface Book 2 is expected to ditch that unsightly gap in the hinge that means the display and keyboard will sit flush when closed, like traditional laptop designs. Also, We can expect Surface book 2 to be powered by Intel’s Skylake processor and will run on the Red-stone 2 update of Windows 10 OS.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 device is a also expected to feature a 4K Ultra- HD pixel resolution display. This will enable users to stream 4K video content. As per few leaked images, the unproven Surface Pen is expected to feature an on/off button, an indicator light, a built-in rechargeable battery and terminals for charging. The new device is also expected to pack an improved battery life.

The Surface Book 2 is expected to be launch for 2021 along with the much rumored Microsoft Surface Phone and Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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