Microsoft Office now supports video editing on Android devices

Microsoft Office now supports video editing on Android devices

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  • The editor will allow users to create and edit short video clips, as well as share them with people in their network. There are already hundreds of great video editing apps for Android, so Microsoft’s decision to include one in Office is a little puzzling. It might be nice for existing users of the Office app to be able to edit videos without the need for additional apps, but if you’re more serious about video making then you might want to check out something like Premiere Rush CC instead – that will undoubtedly offer more flexibility and tools.

  • The readers of Pocket-lint back it up. We may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our links. More information is available at HomeAppsApp newsMicrosoft app news. For some reason, Microsoft Office introduces video editing to Android. 3 December 2021, Luke Baker, Contributing Editor Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Mail are all examples of social media sites. Why should you rely on Pocket-lint? (Lint from a pocket) – Microsoft’s Office mobile app will now have a basic video editor, albeit it’s unclear why. The functionality was announced in a Microsoft 365 Roadmap update, which states that a video editor would be available to Android users later this month.

This update follows Microsoft’s addition of premium creative content to Office. This feature allows users to add curated images, stickers and icons to their documents. Again, nowhere near as flexible as something like Photoshop, but it’s definitely nice to be able to quickly and easily add a bit of creative flair on a platform not typically associated with such things.

TomTom Go Navigation App is a premium mobile navigation app for all drivers, with a three-month free trial. By Pocket-lint International Promotion · 6 December 2021. Are these new updates a sign that Microsoft Office will continue to grow in a creative direction? Only time will tell, but for now, they’re pretty handy to have nonetheless.

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