Microsoft has threatened to censor data from competing AI search engines

News Summary:

  • According to the news agency, which also cited people familiar with the dispute, the company has informed at least two customers that using its Bing search index to feed their AI chat tools violates their contract. Bing’s search index is a live, searchable map of the internet.

  • According to people familiar with the situation, Microsoft Corp. has threatened to stop granting rival search engines access to its internet search data if they don’t stop using it as the foundation for their own artificial intelligence chat products.

Based in Redmond, Washington Microsoft has the right to revoke any licenses granting users access to its search index.

The creator of the Windows operating system had announced in February that it was updating its Edge Web browser and Bing search engine with artificial intelligence, indicating its ambition to retake the lead in consumer technology markets where it had slipped behind.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Microsoft.

Users began receiving the updated Bing search engine at the end of the previous month.