Microsoft certifies new Surface hardware ahead of the September 22nd event

Microsoft certifies new Surface hardware ahead of the September 22nd event

Tech Highlights:

  • Details are still scarce, but we can expect a refresh of the Surface Go, Surface Pro, Surface Pro X, Surface Book, and last but certainly not least the Surface Duo. These are all exceptional products but have found varying amounts of success over the years. The Surface Pro is obviously the most successful of the bunch, in no small part because of its well-rounded nature. Everything else is either hit or miss. Still, Microsoft is the only company that can truly challenge Apple in terms of its hardware and build quality, so we’re definitely interested in seeing what they’ve been working on!

  • According to a novel report by The Verge, Microsoft will announce a bunch of new Surface hardware at its upcoming September 22 event — five products, to be more exact!

Moreover, with Windows 11 being right around the corner, these devices might bring a little extra something to the table in terms of sheer functionality! And, well, certain products haven’t been changed design-wise for what feels like an eternity, so a more comprehensive refresh isn’t out of the equation either. Microsoft is pretty bold in its design choices, although it doesn’t always pan out. What’ll be the case this year still remains to be seen.

Meet Surface Book 3 – 13.5” or 15” All-In-One Laptop, Tablet & Studio – Microsoft Surface
The new Surface Book is rumored to have a 120Hz display
The Surface Duo 2 will also get a noticeable spec bump with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 being at the core of Microsoft’s sophomore mobile device. This, along with a bunch of aesthetic changes and a more capable camera system should make this unique device a bit more palatable. The successor of the Surface Pro X, however, isn’t going to bring anything new to the table other than a more potent SoC and, potentially, a high refresh rate display.

Big Changes… Hopefully
The Surface Book 4 will reportedly feature a brand new design along with a 120Hz display. This, paired with an overhauled Surface Pen should result in a more streamlined (and unified) user experience. The most interesting thing, however, is that the top half of the device will no longer be detachable.

The same goes for the Surface Go 3 which should receive a fairly underwhelming spec bump. Well, “underwhelming” when compared to the mind-blowing power Apple’s tablets have packed within their enclosures.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Surface Pro 8 — if the rumor mill is to be believed it’ll sport a larger display (with thinner bezels) and a different I/O configuration. There’s even a possibility of Thunderbolt 4 support, but you should definitely temper your expectations given Microsoft’s history.

Gaming on Surface Devices? Ill-Advised
The Microsoft Surface devices have always been a sight for sore eyes because of their incredible hardware and immaculate craftsmanship, but they were never really designed with gaming in mind. You can game on them, but it’s not going to be an overly enjoyable experience. The Surface Pro line-up is currently equipped with fairly solid integrated graphics from Intel, but they cannot be fully harnessed because of their meager cooling solution. The Surface Book series is a lot better in that regard — in no small part because its GPU is located in the lower half of the device (the base) — but just because they can be used for gaming doesn’t mean they should; these 2-in-1 hybrids cost a pretty penny (we’re putting it mildly here) and, well, if it’s gaming you’re after you’d be wise to look elsewhere.

There’s still nothing overly concrete for us to sink our teeth into, but we know for a fact that Microsoft is all-in when it comes to services like Xbox Game Pass (and xCloud), so these upcoming Surface hardware might bring something extra to the table when it comes to gaming. Well, at least we can hope!

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