Mi MIX Alpha not happening with a Snapdragon 865, confirms Xiaomi officially

Xiaomi has denied rumors that Xiaomi is working on a current edition of the Mi Combine Alpha with a Snapdragon 865.

Xiaomi Mi Combine Alpha

The Mi Mix Alpha will not be released this year with a Snapdragon 865 chip. The Alpha was launched as a unique show gadget with an immersive screen. Xiaomi debuted its 108 megapixel camera on the Alpha Mix.

Do you try to remember the Mi Mix Alpha? Certainly, that crazy smartphone that Xiaomi demonstrated to the Indian media earlier this year as a smartphone of several firsts: the first phone with a 108 megapixel camera, the start of the phone with an engaging program and the start of the 5G phone in India. In the previous months, there were rumors that Xiaomi was making an exact professional variation of the same with a Snapdragon 865. Effectively, this will not happen soon.

In a formal presentation at Weibo, only one of Xiaomi’s associates verified that there is no Mi Blend Alpha with Qualcomm’s flagship chipset for smartphones 2020. Alpha was a smartphone with a unique idea that showed Xiaomi’s ability to fold screens up to the back of the phone. Xiaomi has expressed its intention to manufacture, but the cell phone has never been on sale, at least not in India.

Alpha’s requirements were the best at the end of 2019. Xiaomi put a Snapdragon 855 chipset in addition, combined it with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. The phone also had a triple camera system, with the main camera employing a 108 megapixel sensor, exactly the same 1 that was later launched on the Xiaomi Mi 10.

The alpha assembly piece was the AMOLED screen that curled up on the sides and reached the back of the phone, with just a piece of ceramic separating the two finishes and holding the cameras. The screen was a plastic OLED panel, which you see on phones like the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Xiaomi said at the time that it was equipped to supply Blend Alpha en masse, but the price could be incredibly high. Rumors have suggested a sale price north of Rs 2 lakhs, which could make it the most expensive smartphone in the world.

Mix Alpha remained a concept and was limited to some demonstration equipment. Xiaomi sooner or later launched the flagship Mi 10, a standard high-quality smartphone with a curved edge screen and the same 108 megapixel camera. The mobile phone was introduced in India in the last thirty days at an initial rate of Rs 49,999.

Currently, Xiaomi is targeting the high-quality phase of smartphones with its Mi sub-brand this calendar year and, based on the tips of the past, we could count on more high-quality Xiaomi smartphones this year.

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