Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake: Release Date, Rumors & More

Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake: Release Date, Rumors & More

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  • Not only have they brought over some of PlayStation’s most revered exclusives, but they also had the pleasure of working on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection back in 2011.

  • PlayStation has been seeking the finest of the best to join its roster of genre-bending creatives through a series of studio acquisitions. Notably, their recent acquisition of Bluepoint, which was responsible for the HD adaptations of Demon’s Souls, Uncharted Collection, and Shadow of the Colossus, is a promising indication for the future.

With their resumé of work stacked with well-received remakes and ports, it makes sense that PlayStation would possibly enlist them to tackle the 1998 classic. Yet, acquiring Bluepoint isn’t the only key signal towards revisiting a remastered Shadow Moses.

In any other circumstance, this might not mean much, but for Metal Gear Solid fans, the inclusion of McMahon’s presence suggests a far bigger clue. With Irish lyrics and vocals from artist Aoife Ní Fhearraigh, “The Best Is Yet To Come” was featured in the introduction for both Metal Gear Solid and its GameCube remake, The Twin Snakes.

As per Video Games Chronicle, PlayStation is set to unveil a remake of a “big game” around Christmas, according to claims from a musician working on the game’s soundtrack. Éabha McMahon (performing under the name Ava), is an Irish singer who has been lending their talents towards Irish folk-inspired material on this unnamed project.

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