Meta hopes to replace your PC with its Project Cambria VR headset

Meta hopes to replace your PC with its Project Cambria VR headset

Tech Highlights:

  • We have some pretty exciting news for Chrome for Android users. Google is preparing a new update for Chrome that will allow them to restore multiple web tabs and tab groups with fewer taps. Chrome for Android really to get this feature quickly. Restoring a web tab can already be done in Chrome on mobile. However, upon closing multiple tabs, users have to reopen them individually. If you have a tab group with multiple web pages loaded and you close it, you can re-open those tabs one by one from the “Recently closed” section in Chrome on mobile.

  • Samsung Internet is an excellent web browser that gets better with each new release. Unfortunately, it misses a few crucial capabilities that users of desktop browsers are used to. Many Samsung smartphone and tablet owners choose to use Google Chrome for Android on their Galaxy devices because it can’t readily sync bookmarks, passwords, or browsing history with other desktop browsers.

In other words, restoring multiple pages can be done, but the process is arduous as it has to be done one page at a time. Google is now working on an update to allow Chrome for Android users to restore multiple tabs and tab groups all at once. This option will apparently be added to the existing “Recently closed” menu. Signs of this feature coming to Chrome on Android were found recently at Chromium Gerrit, so there’s no telling exactly when it will become available. It shouldn’t be too long, hopefully.

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