Marvel’s Explore Madripoor website has had its X-Men Easter eggs deleted

Marvel’s Explore Madripoor website has had its X-Men Easter eggs deleted

MCU fans received the biggest hint to date of the X-Men’s arrival at Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3. In last week’s episode of Disney Plus TV series, Sam, Bucky and Helmut Zemo traveled to Madripoor. To mark the occasion, Marvel Studios recently launched a tourism website for the fictional criminal city, first picked up by

Madripoor has ties to X-Men members, including Wolverine, so it should come as no surprise that X-Men MCU rumors surfaced just hours after the Explore Madripoor website was released. Why? Well, fans started discovering X-Men Easter eggs on the Explore Madripoor website – secrets that led some to believe that it wouldn’t be long before the X-Men hit the MCU.

According to those who visited Explore Madripoor, using certain passwords, fans were able to find ships with very famous names in the Madripoor docks in Buccaneer Bay. Those lists included Mystique, who Marvel fans know well, as well as Daken, the son of Wolverine in Marvel Comics. Shang-Chi and Krakoa Island have also been spotted, but it is Mystique and Daken that have drawn the most attention due to their X-Men references.

How did Marvel react to fans discovering these Easter eggs? Remove of course. As IGN reports, fans who visit the Explore Madripoor website now will find no trace of these X-Men references. These almost certainly nodded to Wolverine’s presence on Madripoor from the comics, but Marvel appears to have removed all of the Easter eggs to dampen fan expectations for the X-Men’s arrival at the MCU.

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