Marvel’s Avengers creative director apologizes

News Summary:

  • In the most recent issue of Edge Magazine, creative director Cezar Virtosu said, “It was a challenging production, let’s say.” The superhero smash-’ems-up, whose development support is slated to be reduced this year, is known to have encountered its fair share of difficulties after profits fell short of recouping development costs due to weak sales. Despite having a strong solo campaign mode, the game ultimately fell flat due to its muddled identity and overstuffed loot-based systems.

  • Marvel’s Avengers’ creative director issued an apology for the title and blamed a challenging development process.

In order to concentrate on the gory The Lords of the Fallen reboot, which doesn’t yet have a release date, Virtosu left his position at Crystal Dynamics. When discussing The Lords of the Fallen, Edge sat down with Virtuso and the film’s executive producer, Saul Gascon. Regarding Virtuso’s varied filmography, which ranges from Shadow of the Tomb Raider to Marvel’s Avengers, Gascon didn’t have much to say for the latter other than, “I apologize for that.”

Despite the high expectations that many people in a post-Elden Ring world had for The Lords of the Fallen, Cezar, the CEO of our company, and I basically stopped our successful careers to work on it, according to Gascon. Gascon continued, “We want the studio to establish itself as a leader in the [Soulslike] genre. There is currently no obvious second reference, so we want to be it [after Elden Ring creator FromSoftware].

Putting aside their prior work, the duo’s high expectations are clear for both The Lords of the Fallen as a game and their newly-founded studio’s position in the Soulslike food chain.