Many more games are now supported by Valve’s Steam Deck

Many more games are now supported by Valve's Steam Deck

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  • As we’ve shown, there are various ways to check which games from your library are deemed either “verified”, “playable” or “unsupported”. The easiest of these tools is naturally the official one where you can see at a glance which of your games sit in those categories.

  • People were naturally curious about which games would run on the Steam Deck when it first launched. There were only 100 games available at the time, but that number has steadily increased in recent months. We previously discussed how to check to see which games will work on Steam Deck before purchasing, but it’s worth noting that there are now over 1,289 games that are said to be fully “verified.” Xbox has revealed which of its games work well on Steam Deck and which do not.

It’s nice to be able to see these things at a glance though and Boiling Steam has created a nice graph to do just that. According to that post, there are currently over 2,400 games deemed “playable” on the handheld games console. More importantly, you can see a steep climb in the number of compatible games since the Steam Deck launched. This data was gathered from the SteamDB and it’s also possible to see the running total of verified and playable games on Protondb as well. The future is certainly looking bright for Steam Deck. (Pocket-lint) – Pocket-lint will soon kick off its first PC Gaming Week in association with Nvidia GeForce RTX.

We’ll also be talking to some of the most important people in the business, to find out their views on what the present and future for gamers looks like. Plus, give you our impressions on the mice, monitors, keyboards and accessories that we’ve tested recently, to help you make your next purchasing decision. So make sure you bookmark the PC Gaming hub and come back to Pocket-lint all next week to discover everything there is to know about PC gaming and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Starting Monday 9 and running to Friday 13 May 2022, we will be featuring a whole stack of features, reviews, interviews, videos and other exciting snippets dedicated to gaming on a PC. You will be able to follow all of our content on a dedicated section right here on Pocket-lint and discover everything from the best games to buy right now, to explanations of each main feature to look out for on a modern graphics card. There should be something for everyone, including tips on building your own gaming PC and why ray tracing is transforming PC games.

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