Magic Leap One AR Headset Now Available For $2,295

Magic Leap has worked on one of the most anticipated augmented reality headsets on the market. And now it is available but in limited regions. The company announced on Wednesday that the Magic Leap One headset is now available in the United States. However, the device, which costs no less than $2,295, is only available in ‘limited quantities,’ Magic Leap said in a statement. It is also available only to developers in six markets in the United States: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle.

If you do not have shipping to your area available, wait until Magic Leap brings the headset to your city to get it.

The Magic Leap headset is an augmented reality device that overlaps graphic images over the real world you look at through the glasses. The technology comes with a variety of functions, including the ability to communicate with friends via an augmented reality chat system. The Screens feature allows you to watch movies and TV shows from the glasses and create multiple screens of any size to view your favorite content. With a function called Gallery, you can visualize your photos and create 3D models in the headset.

Although the hype around the Magic Leap technology continues to rise, there are some limitations. First, the company must sign up for developers to have more apps and services work with the technology to make it an investment that is more rewarding. And if you want to use your glasses while wearing the headset, you are unlucky. However, Magic Leap will sell you prescribed lenses that you can drop on the headphones.

The less than ideal start plan of Magic Leap is partly because the company has to increase the supply. But it also requires white gloves to set it up. So after you have ordered the headset, it is delivered personally and set up at your home.

The new headset is now available on this page. You must first enter a zip code to determine if your location is eligible for an order.

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