MacBook Pro and Nvidia StudioLaptops

MacBook Pro and Nvidia StudioLaptops

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  • Given the choice, I’d buy an Nvidia Studio laptop over a MacBook Pro. My own preference for Windows-based hardware does factor into that decision, but I also feel that they’re better optimized for what I would want in a creative workstation.

  • Its announcement was masterfully done, with people scrambling to preorder minutes after the stream had finished. Had I a substantial stack of cash to my name I might have also joined in, but it wasn’t just the hefty asking price that made me come to my senses.

After all, despite all the wealthy business execs that will be buying the new Apple flagship, the MacBook Pro is designed with content creators in mind, which is partly what made the decision to remove most of its ports back in 2016 so controversial.

Which is exactly why I would buy an Nvidia Studio laptop over a MacBook Pro. Nvidia may be more known for its gaming products, but the features it includes in its GeForce gaming line also have benefits for creatives. RTX GPU-accelerated ray tracing and AI-enhanced denoising are an amazing boost for anyone who works with applications such as Autodesk Arnold and Blender for example, all thanks to Nvidia Studio drivers.

Apple may have restored them in this new iteration, but it still irked me that they had ever been removed in the first place. On top of this, while it may be one of the best choices for photographers and video editors, my creative interests sit more with 3D sculpting and other graphically demanding applications. Call me old fashioned, but I like having a dedicated graphics card over an integrated system in my workstation laptops, especially when it comes with goodies like DLSS and raytracing.

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