Mac Miller’s 2013 mixtape ‘Delusional Thomas’ is criminally underrated

Mac Miller's 2013 mixtape 'Delusional Thomas' is criminally underrated

When you go through Mac Miller’s full discography and discuss fan-favorite projects, there are always some that will stand out. KIDS is a nostalgic classic, Swimming is a modern masterpiece, but rarely do we hear people call up his experimental mixtape from 2013, Delusional Thomas.

For those unfamiliar with the one-off alter ego, Delusional Thomas is a person Mac embraces for the entire project. The only big difference is that Delusional Thomas knocks in a loud voice. While this may be unsettling at first for the average listener, it is quickly forgotten as you are instantly drawn into the heady and disorienting world of this new character.

This mixtape was released shortly after Mac’s third studio album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. If watching movies was a step into a heavier and more experimental sound (especially after Blue Slide Park), Delusional Thomas was a leap into the darkest depths of Mac’s mind. There are many lines in this project that will stop you if you catch them.

Pathological Liar / Went to my friend’s house and set her dog on fire / Accused her little brother, had him sent to Juvie / Fucked her in the bathroom while her dad was watching movies / Reach in my backpack for the fully loaded Uzi / I have started shooting the room he was in. On that Chappelle’s Show episode, Paul Mooney was in – “Halo”.

Of course, Delusional Thomas isn’t just great because of its darkness. It also shows Mac’s skillful rhyming and world play more than any other project in his career at the time.

Now it looks good, recommend the mescaline / digest in your gut with the intention of ascension / Heaven no my head is hot because hell is cold / The bitch I fashion / But I know the one Devil wearing a leopard coat – “bill”

While Delusional Thomas is different on paper than much of what we heard from Mac before it was released, the overall project isn’t apologetic to him. The tape shows three different faces of Mac Miller in one. You have the main character: Delusional Thomas; the producer: Larry Fisherman and a “guest” feature of the man himself: Mac Miller. The only parts that aren’t a Mac are the Earl Sweatshirt, Bill, and Da $ h features.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first complete work Mac Miller produced on his own. Watching movies showed a good amount of his own production, but there were other tracks produced by Clams Casino, Flying Lotus, Chuck Inglish, and others.

For some reason, Delusional Thomas is criminally asleep. It could be the fact that it only officially lives on SoundCloud, or that the vocals pitched put the listener off, but a deep listening to this project will give you a new appreciation of Mac Miller’s career. Or at least it should.

You can stream the 2013 mixtape in its entirety below.

Mac Miller – Delusional Thomas



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