Little Caesars’ Ingenious Employee Pizza Perk: A Tech Insider’s Revelation!

Little Caesars Worker Exposes Free Pizza Hack For Employees

Little Caesars Worker Exposes Free Pizza Hack For Employees

In a TikTok video that has gained over 640,600 views, Little Caesars worker Alexis (@a.lexapro1) shared a perk of her job. When a customer doesn’t pick up their food placed five minutes before closing time, employees get to take it home. Alexis filmed her haul of multiple Little Caesars pizzas and shared it with her followers. She described the food as delicious.

The comments section of the TikTok revealed that this practice is not unique to Little Caesars. Former employees from other restaurants, such as Chipotle and Dominos, shared similar experiences of being able to eat forgotten or cancelled food at their workplaces. Some employees even mentioned receiving free food all the time.

As commenters discussed how they could use this hack to their advantage, with some admitting to making and canceling large orders at their friends’ workplaces to bring home free food, a user asked if they would be doing a random employee a favor by ordering at the end of the day and never picking up the food. The article concludes by mentioning a former Papa John’s Pizza employee who went viral for admitting to taking home free pizza by having their friends place fake orders for them.

It remains to be seen if this hack works consistently across various food establishments, but it is clear that it is a trend that happens in the industry.

Published on Sep 24, 2023, 1:05 pm CDT

By Charlotte Colombo