Linux 6.1 will make it a bit easier to identify bad CPUs

News Summary:

  • An update to print the expected CPU at segmentation fault time is now queued up in TIP’s x86/cpu branch for the Linux 6.1 merging window in October. When seg errors frequently occur on the same CPU package or specific core, reporting the likely CPU core and socket when a seg fault occurs can be useful.

  • Linux 6.1 aims to make it simpler to help spot problematic CPUs/cores by reporting the likely socket and core when a segmentation fault occurs. This can help in spotting any trends if repeatedly finding the same CPU/core is causing problems. However, this feature primarily benefits server administrators with large fleets of hardware.

Rik van Riel who authored the change summed it up as:

To things like the new Intel In-Field Scan, MCEs, EDAC reporting, etc., it is a modest but helpful addition.

Starting with Linux 6.1 in the latter part of the year, users will be able to utilise this handy tool to help them identify possibly problematic processors.