Let’s build a zoo! For real? Let’s do it on PS5, PS4

Let's build a zoo!  For real?  Let's do it on PS5, PS4

Tech Highlights:

  • The big twist with this title is the animal splicing system, which allows you to combine the 500 animal types to create up to 300,000 different variants. This game has already proven a huge hit on PC – it’s sold over 150,000 units according to the press materials – so we suspect it’s going to prove similarly successful on consoles. There’ll even be a physical release for those of you who prefer those, which will include the new Jurassic Park-inspired Dinosaur Island DLC for free.

  • There have been a lot of new releases today, but this one could be the most thrilling of them all: Let’s Build a Zoo, a pixel art tycoon game, will launch on the PS5 and PS4 in September after a successful debut on the PC last year. Create your very own magical menagerie in the game, which was created by Springloaded and released by No More Robots. You’ll be in charge of recruiting personnel, breeding animals, and satisfying your paying customers.

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