Leaked images of the original Apple covers for the iPhone 14

Leaked images of the original Apple covers for the iPhone 14

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  • Probably make a case for it. Apple also has your back (pun intended). While Apple’s device colours are fairly consistent over generations, the Cupertino corporation does love changing pattern quite a bit with its cases.

  • Tomorrow at this time, the new iPhone 14 lineup will have finally been revealed. Furthermore, chances are that many people will have already decided to get one. Naturally, it will take a few days for you to receive your shiny new smartphone, but what will you do once you have had enough of admiring its (old) design?

It appears that this year is no different. If the leaks are to be believed, Apple has experimented with colours once more. Tech insider Majin Bu tweeted images of what appear to be the newest official Apple cases earlier today. Similar to before, there are two major variations: one made of silicone and the other of leather.

The leather cases come in only 6 shades. As usual, the colors of the leather cases are much more toned-down. There is Black, Midnight Blue (a very dark shade of blue), Fir Green (between green and gray) and three different shades of brown – Bright Orange, Brown and Golden Brown. Once again, it is not certain whether these are the final names. It should be noted that both case variants with all their corresponding shades will be available to the entire iPhone 14 lineup.

When it comes to the silicone cases there seem to be 8 possible variations: Midnight (i.e. black), Succulent (a light shade of green), Chalk Pink (a pink pastel), Red, Lilac (a light purple), Sun Glow (yellow), Stormblue (a vivid blue) and Elderberry (a deep purple). It is unknown if these will be the official names.

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