League of Legends Milo update has been nerfed

News Summary:

  • Milio’s nerfs have yet to be added to Patch 13.6’s notes, but they were announced on social media via one of League’s various Twitter accounts.

  • The new League of Legends champion Milio was released just days before a quick patch was released to reduce the character’s buffs. These types of post-release fixes aren’t uncommon and are often seen right after a champion’s debut, but this time in particular resulted in a rather large series of nerfs compared to what one is used to seeing in the game. situations like this. This fix follows an unusually high champion win rate, which suggests a need to nerf new mounts, although it’s still early days to see how Milio will perform with those nerfs .

Nervousness is quite important in all areas. His AD ratio when passive deals a noticeable late-game hit, as does the Warm Campfire heal and the Warm Hugs shield effect. The fact that Warm Hugs also have their cooldown nerfed is especially influential as it affects abilities throughout all stages of the game. Cooldowns are important for any champion, but for enchanters like Milio, who basically only roam around neighborhoods if all their skills are on cooldown, he will feel those nerfs more.

Riot said: “Attention players, we just sent mid-game tweaks to reduce Milio’s buff by one notch. “We are also working on fixing some issues related to the rare instances where Milio and Illaoi can sometimes crash the game.”

In a separate tweet, Riot Games said they are addressing additional Milio issues related to the issue.