Launch of Vollou: A platform for partygoers and music fans to store and share memories on iOS and Android devices

Launch of Vollou: A platform for partygoers and music fans to store and share memories on iOS and Android devices

Tech Highlights:

  • The app is a combination of social media, music and memories. Once a session is created on the app, it finds the songs played on a night out and organizes them into a full playlist. To start a session, open the app, click on the logo, and press record. The app will do the rest. Using the in-app camera, photos and videos of the night can also be uploaded.

  • Users may save & share the full content of their party (music, images, etc.) with the help of state-of-the-art Music Recognition software and an in-app camera. / — The app from Vollou will be available starting on Friday, April 8, 2022. Vollou is a social media network designed for the nightlife industry that gathers the music, images, and videos of any event and enables users to save and share their favourite nighttime moments.

It then automatically posts the session created onto the platform for the user and their friends to enjoy. Vollou makes finding songs and creating playlists easy and fun while also storing and sharing the user’s favorite moments of an event. Vollou offers multiple features like exporting songs and playlists onto users’ Spotify as well as any picture or video onto their camera roll. Another feature allows multiple followers to be added onto a session, where all users can upload and share their own photos and videos of the event. To do this, the user can share their QR code or send an invite to their followers. The app also has a public or private session feature, giving the user the option to share it with followers or to store it privately for themselves and the friends they’ve shared it with.

Vollou is a great way to connect friends and party-goers, sharing exciting events and memories onto their news feed and allowing users a glimpse into one another’s nightlife. This also gives users the opportunity to discover new clubs and events playing the type of music they enjoy and have an atmosphere they will love. Andres Payne, co-founder and CEO at Vollou says “at Vollou we are trying to make the first app where people can store and share the entire memory of their night, the music, the pictures, the videos, everything!”.

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