Launch of KV2 Audio’s 500 Series line of electronics

Launch of KV2 Audio’s 500 Series line of electronics

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  • Another KV2 first patented design provides very musical and natural compression that is part of the real-time input rather than the typical side-feed gain reduction circuits that try to follow or predict compression requirements. increase. Its additional bass balance control circuitry allows users to smooth out and minimize proximity effects from changing mic positions, bringing perfect vocal color to every performance from start to finish.

  • KV2 Audio has announced the launch of the 500 series high quality processors for the first time. The range includes his three models: a TCL thermal compressor/limiter, a QD8 stereo 8-band master EQ and line driver, and an MPA mic preamp. TCL is a unique thermal analogue audio compressor with an excellent natural RMS detector and dynamic bass boost control.

Featuring source intelligent attack and release times, whatever the dynamic content, with just a few simple steps the results from the 500 Series TCL are truly exceptional. QD8 is a revolutionary George Krampera eight-band stereo equaliser specifically designed to highlight a desired band without adversely affecting the overall sonic landscape. Whilst not intended for tuning out room modes, the frequency bands and filter types have been precisely chosen after extensive research to perfectly align with the science of human hearing and perception of achieving the ultimate spectral balance.

The MPA is a very high definition microphone and instrument preamplifier with Class A circuitry and high quality transformer balanced outputs. A stepped input gain selector ensures easy adjustment and precise repeatability. The preamp features adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters, an adjustable limiter to control clip level, and a high-impedance, transformer-isolated line input.

In a live scenario, faced with a number of different sources, program types, or performance genres at a festival or concert, the equaliser is very musical, intuitive and provides an exceptionally quick way to shape any mixed content to the sound you want to hear. In the studio, it can be either the simple enhancement of an instrument/vocal track, or the final mastering polish to take an ordinary mix and make it something very special.

It also has another balanced isolated auxiliary transformer output, so a number of these units can be used together to create a multi-channel stage preamp for splitting FOH and monitor outputs, It can be used for broadcasting and recording work. audio quality. Phase inversion and a built-in headphone amplifier that doubles as a third output round out the rig.

The excellent quality of all analog outboard electronics in KV2 allows the MPA to replace the preamp, DI box/splitter, line driver and headphone amp with a single box. Andreas Hamelich (Andreas Hamelich) is the director of stage entertainment, a major German music theater production company, technical his production his manager and sound his designer, testing new devices in the studios of his colleagues I was very pleased with the results.

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