Launch of GameSir’s X2 Pro Controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming

News Summary:

  •  Like other GameSir controllers such as the original X2 and X3, the X2 Pro connects directly to your phone via USB-C. Gamers get a Nintendo Switch-like design emulated by so many mobile controllers. As mentioned above, GameSir has made some significant changes, but the adjustments are more subtle. One of the biggest changes in the X2 Pro compared to the X2 is the back button. This is GameSir’s first controller that actually provides this functionality. I especially like the Razer Kishi V2, but the remapping button is in a different place. 

  • GameSir has announced the X2 Pro Controller, an officially licensed Xbox mobile controller designed for use with Xbox Cloud Gaming. It looks pretty similar to the original X2, but there are definitely noticeable differences and some upgrades.  For one, the official Xbox button has been added to the right corner of the controller. In addition to the white model, a black model also appeared. GameSir officially calls these colors Midnight and Moonlight, and they cost $79.99 each. It’s also available for sale starting today and can be picked up directly via Amazon from GameSir’s official Amazon store.  

 Also, GameSir now uses hall effect triggers. As well as the Kailh Micro Switch Bumper. There are also two ABXY button layouts (one that fits Xbox controllers and one that fits Switches) and interchangeable thumbsticks. Here’s how to customize your feel. Cloud gaming can also consume a lot of battery, so the X2 Pro also features pass-through charging. Overall, the X2 Pro is a better upgrade than the X2 and costs $20 less than the X3. It also comes in a nicely packaged travel bag so you can easily store and carry it anywhere. It should support almost any Android phone and comes with a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It usually costs $14.99, so this is a good perk, especially for controller design purposes.