Laptops powered by 10th-generation CPUs and Nvidia Super GPUs are coming soon

Laptops powered by 10th-generation CPUs and Nvidia Super GPUs are coming soon

We suggest that you wait until April to buy your next gaming laptop, because the next generation of laptops is coming. And they come with impressive power under the hood. In a Wccftech exclusive, he says a new generation of laptops hit the streets in the second quarter, promoting Intel’s 10th generation processors and Nvidia’s line of Super graphics cards for laptops, both scheduled to launch on March 31. These laptops will be launched on April 2 and will be available for purchase on April 15.

Of course, if everything goes according to plan, and all this coronavirus will not prevent the launch. These gaming notebooks need a lot of gamers out there, with more powerful options, if they want the latest and greatest, whether they’re looking to upgrade their obsolete laptops or invest in their first handheld gaming machine. It should also give economical buyers more options, as older models with less powerful, but still quite recent, specifications should have a lower price.

Wccftech also gained exclusivity in the details about Nvidia’s new Intel Comet Lake-H processors for next-generation mobile laptops and graphics cards.

According to the website, there will be at least six new variants of graphics cards for laptops: GeForce GTX 1650, GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, GeForce RTX 2060, GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2070 Super. These cards are expected to be on the shelves at the same time as gaming laptops in April and can be sold for the same price as their predecessors, only more powerful and with better memory.

Likewise, we should see Intel launching at least three new Comet Lake-H CPUs based on the 14 nm architecture: Core i5-10300H, Core i7-10750H and Core i7-10875H. It is rumored that the flagship Core i9-10880H and Core i9-10980HK chips could have the same release date.

The combination of these internal components in laptops should provide better gaming notebooks. You have until April to start saving.

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