Laptops Donated to Toronto Youth by Pascal Siakan

Laptops Donated to Toronto Youth by Pascal Siakan

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  • Toronto’s digital divide has had a disproportionate impact on residents in low-income neighborhoods. Studies show that 34 percent of Toronto households are anxious about the cost of their home internet bills with higher rates of concern amongst those living in poverty and communities of color. Further research revealed of the two percent of Toronto households without internet, half of them cite affordability issues, and households earning less than $50,000 have less than one computer for each person.

  • “We just want to make sure that we provide kids, especially young girls today, an advantage,” he said, “knowing that technology is taking over.” Brandee Sanders is the author. The NBA star Pascal Siakam is making an impact in Toronto during the off-season. The Cameroonian-born Raptors player recently gave away free laptops to kids in underprivileged areas, claims Complex.

Cognizant of how technology has the power to enhance education, Siakam wanted to ensure youngsters are equipped with the tools needed to thrive. He stopped by Regent Park’s Bill Graham Youth Centre to distribute laptops to over 150 middle school girls in an effort to empower them to chart paths in tech and change the narrative surrounding gender diversity in the space.

Several NBA players have spearheaded social good efforts centered on ensuring youth have access to tech resources. Bradley Beal gifted computers to students at a Washington, D.C.-based high school, and Russell Westbrook donated 650 computers to underprivileged students in Houston so they could continue learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He hosted the giveaway through his philanthropic imprint Coding for Champions in collaboration with Penny Appeal Canada and the PS43 Foundation. His program has collectively contributed $406,000 towards eradicating the digital divide and advancing tech education.

“I’m always wanting to do something [positive], and I know that I’ve been blessed with a lot of opportunities, being in the position that I am,” he shared in a statement, according to the news outlet. “Knowing that technology is taking over, we just want to make sure that we give kids, especially young girls today, an advantage. It’s something that I’m really deeply passionate about. I would do anything to be here.”

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