Koei Tecmo has officially announced Atelier Sophie 2 for a release in February 2022

Koei Tecmo has officially announced Atelier Sophie 2 for a release in February 2022

Tech Highlights:

  • The Atelier franchise continues with the beloved art style of the original Atelier Sophie mixed with the high-quality graphics of the new installments of the series. Other common components that remain the same are the RPG elements and the core mechanics of gathering material and creating amazing alchemical synthesis. In the trailer shown below, fans can see some elements return with slight changes. Much like Atelier Ryza 2, players will enjoy a more open world for gathering material, fighting monsters, and launching character combo attacks.

  • Atelier Sophie sequel rumours have been circulating for a while, but they gained traction when the game was converted to the Nintendo Switch at the start of the year and rated for Australian audiences earlier this month. Many Atelier titles, including the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy, which contains Atelier Sophie, have been transferred to the Switch as digital games since the game’s initial 2015 release. A sequel has now been announced.

The story will continue with Sophie and Plachta’s adventures as they leave Sophie’s hometown; however, they discover a tree identical to one Plachta has dreamed of. Upon closer inspection, the pair are pulled into a mysterious vortex. Waking alone, Sophie hears of an alchemist named Plachta that lives close by. Despite the name being the same, Sophie does not recognize her. The new Atelier game unfolds this mysterious tale as Sophie travels to find her missing friend, meeting new friends and crafting new synthesis along the way.

With all the mechanic-based updates of the new game, there is plenty to be excited about. Fans also speculate that the success of Atelier Ryza 2 is responsible for Sophie getting her own sequel since sequels are rare to the franchise. Atelier Sophie had one of the top-performing receptions for the franchise at the time of release, so there is no surprise her story would be continued, despite the seven-year gap between them.

Players will find common turn-based elements alongside an upgraded system. At the initial encounter, they will begin battles without load times or screen changes, which is a first in the series. Battle parties have also been upgraded, with a pair of three-man teams that cooperate in multi-linked turn-based battles. This opens a vast range of combat strategies gamers can use to take out their enemies.

Pre-orders are available now on NIS America’s website for the Limited Edition set, which includes an Atelier art book, different background music, and a fabric poster. Sophie’s whale necklace keychain is also included, as is a pre-release “My New Look” costume download code and a collector’s box. No matter what edition fans get, though, they should be excited to get their hands on a new entry in the series.

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